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Spanish NGO refugee rescuers pay tribute to former volunteer after his tragic death

Fernando Garfella passed away this weekend during a solo scuba dive off the coast of Mallorca

SPANISH activists and members of the civil refugee rescue fleet have paid tribute to a former volunteer and documentary filmmaker who died in a tragic diving accident at the weekend.

Fernando Garfella, 31, failed to resurface during a solo scuba dive off the coast of Mallorca on Sunday.

A companion who waited onboard a sailing ship for Garfella to return notified the authorities but they were unable to rescue the body.

Oscar Camps, founder of the Spanish refugee rescue charity Open Arms, wrote of the loss of on Twitter today.

“Fer Garfella, a companion on missions in this sea from which he rescued so many lives and which yesterday claimed his.

“A friend, an admired professional, leaves too soon, but he will always be with us. The Echo 2 rescue boat will bear his name.”

Basque refugee rescuers Humanitarian Maritime Rescue (SMH) also paid tribute to Mr Garfella.

“We remember him with the pride of having been able to share with him the fight for a more just world.

“Rest in peace, Fer.”

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