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Christian crowdfunding website pulls far-right influencer’s ‘migrant hunter boat’ campaign following questions

A CHRISTIAN crowdfunding website has deleted a British far-right influencer’s campaign to raise funds for a “migrant hunter boat” following questions about its appropriateness.

Alan Leggett, a YouTuber who goes by Active Patriot, launched his “Migrant Hunter baot [sic]” campaign on Tuesday on GiveSendGo, which describes itself as the “#1 free Christian crowdfunding site,” “a place to find hope,” and “a place to work together with the body of Christ around the world to make a difference.” 

The site has found favour with conspiracy theorists recently because it allowed users to donate to funds in support of the demonstrators who blockaded several roads in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, this month in protest against the country’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Legget — who appears to spend his time filming people rescued in the Channel from small boats as they’re brought into Dover, as well as attempting to access hotels charted by the government to host asylum seekers — had only raised £150 of the £3,000 he said he needed to buy a boat.

“The government are trying to hide the number of migrants coming [into] the UK this year by using process centres [where] filming isn’t allowed[,]” Leggett wrote in his GiveSendGo page.

“They’ve already banned me from the port and threatened me with jail if I go on to the dock[.]

“So I intend to film every boat coming in by sea if I can raise the money needed for the three-metre Rib” — an abbreviation of rigid inflatable boat, the kind you might see launched from a larger vessel in maritime rescue operations — “that can be quick[ly] launched in to the sea from any beach.”

By filming “every boat coming in by sea,” Leggett presumably did not mean that literally, but rather the few small boats crossing over from France carrying people seeking safety in Britain.

Leggett was warned by Canterbury Crown Court in November 2021 that he could be jailed for two years and face an unlimited fine if he intimidates people disembarking at the Port of Dover again.

After anti-fascists made The Civil Fleet aware of Leggett’s campaign yesterday, we asked GiveSendGo if a Christian organisation ought to be helping him carry out plans he has already been warned against.

We received no response. But by 8am this morning, the link to the GiveSendGo crowdfunder had been taken down.

Update: February 25, 2022

GiveSendGo has reinstated the campaign. The Civil Fleet has reached out for comment once again.

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